Moving Boxes, Supplies, Materials

Supplying All of Your Moving Essentials

ABC Movers offers an extensive array of moving supplies and packing materials for all your relocation needs.

All the right supplies for your household move, storage, office relocation or towing needs.
Free local box delivery is also available at many locations with a minimum $50 box and packing supply order, and if you have supplies you didn’t use, return them for a full refund. We’ll do what we can to simplify your move by making sure you have access to the right materials and moving boxes.

What to Do With Moving Supplies After You Move

For people who are moving, the empty cardboard boxes are a great commodity. For that reason, you’ll probably will not have a problem getting rid of leftover boxes, especially ones that have never been used.

You will most definitely end up surrounded by a lot of moving boxes you will need to dispose of eventually. You can sell, donate, recycle, or give them a new purpose or use. Depending on where you live, many cities have companies that specialize in buying and selling used moving boxes. Take damaged or stained flattened cardboard boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap to the nearest recycling center or recycling bins. Give good boxes away to charities or friends/relatives who are moving soon.

Our full service moving services are designed to save you from headaches during and after the move. Not only we will they take care of every stage of the move, but also we will remove the mass of empty moving boxes for you.