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Moving with Your Pet(s)

Pets are a fundamental part of our families, and chances are you’ll be moving to your new home with your furry friend. There is usually chaos when you move, however, and you might not realize how much it stresses your pets. So, how do you make the transition as safe and easy as possible for […]

How to budget for a move

Budgets hold us accountable and keep us from getting ourselves in trouble with money. The same holds true when you are moving. You need a budget. There are so many parts of a move including packing, supplies for moving such as boxes and then setting up your new home so a budget can help you […]

Understanding the move timeline

Whether you’re moving across town, or across the country, the process is pretty similar as far as time frames go.  Many experts suggest anywhere between one and two months before the move date as a good time to begin the packing process. Many people think that a week or two prior to moving might be […]